Goodpack Partners with Hayleys Aventura

In line with the strategic goals to increase its seamless global reach and enable new trade lanes, starting from January 2022, Goodpack has entered into a partnership with Hayleys Aventura (Pvt) Ltd. in Sri Lanka. Country Manager for Goodpack India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, Vikas Upadhyaya says: “Appointing Hayleys Aventura as the official representative for us in Sri Lanka is a strategic move that will bring us closer to potential, as well as existing, customers and broaden the reach of our sustainable business model.”

As of January this year, Goodpack has entered into an official partnership together with Hayleys Aventura (Pvt) Ltd, making them the authorized sales representative of Goodpack in Sri Lanka. Hayleys Aventura is the premier industrial solutions provider in Sri Lanka, where it engages in business and business relationships through five business units, ranging from Engineering Solutions to Industrial Raw Materials. Hayleys Aventura takes great pride in offering practical and innovative solutions that are founded on sustainability and fulfill global standards. Key values the company exhibits in all its functions include trustworthiness and quality. Hayleys Aventura works with multinationals, large conglomerates, SME’s and companies engaged in local and global markets.

Michael Liew, Regional President for Goodpack South Asia, believes in the benefits of strong partnerships: “This agreement is a new opening for both Goodpack and Hayleys Aventura. It will definitely create new vistas for business and result in positive growth for both parties in the region. Together, with our combined capabilities and resources, we will be able to reach existing and new customers in Sri Lanka with fast, seamless and more customer-specific service. Hayleys Aventura is known for impeccable service and reliability, regardless of the specific industry. These values and merits provide a perfect fit for the mindset and goals of Goodpack.”

Wasaba Jayasekera, Managing Director for Hayleys Aventura, comments on the new partnership: “We believe that this agreement between Goodpack and Hayleys Aventura is going to generate an increase in business in the region for both parties. Hayleys Aventura is the preferred industrial solutions partner of Sri Lankan exporters. Goodpack, in turn, has decades-long experience in packing and transporting automotive components as well as fruit concentrates, pastes, and purees. We see this as a combination of the best of two companies, a true partnership.”

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Vikas Upadhyaya, Country Manager, Sri Lanka

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